How Bout I Take You Out, Ya Little Punk

As someone who can never look at the labels on anything, I can’t understand how this happened. You either know what something is or you don’t. If you order something and you don’t know what it looks like, why are you going to town on it before you’ve talked to the others? One of them probably does. Or maybe I’m giving all of these people too much credit. Given that things went as far as they did, I probably am.

And what is the sister so mad about? Nobody ate her food.

As detailed in a Wildwood Police Department arrest report, the Schell family had “ordered Chinese food but the takeout containers were not labeled,” which upset Schell since he did not know “which container of food was his.”
Schell’s son, police reported, said that he argued with his father and sister over the Chinese food “due to the fact that the victim had eaten [his father’s] food unknowingly.” The dispute turned violent, the victim said, when his sister began punching him in the face. Schell then allegedly joined the fracas, putting his son in a chokehold.
Schell’s wife told cops she was in her bedroom when she heard “crashing and yelling in the kitchen area.” When she entered the kitchen, the woman recalled, she saw Atlantis, 25, pummeling the victim, who was being choked by Schell. The battering, the woman added, ended only after she called 911 for help.
The victim had “visible red marks on the front side of his neck” and “fresh bruising/redness on his left eye,” noted police, who added that neither defendant “appeared to have any marks or bruises from this incident.”

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