How About You Come Sleep Inside, My Man

Last Updated on: 26th October 2023, 09:28 am

I don’t drive, but I have driven with a lot of people. Sometimes those people get tired. Sometimes tired enough that them continuing to drive simply isn’t safe. So I understand why perhaps this fellow might have decided to get himself the heck off the road and take a little nap. I can also understand why, in spite of a whole lot of evidence suggesting otherwise, he thought that the police station parking lot would be a nice, safe place to take that nap. And you know what? I can maybe even understand how he wound up parking in one of the police station’s handicapped spots. I mean he’s tired, right? Mistakes happen. And heck. I’m sure the fact that the car he was in had been reported stolen was simply one of those unlucky cases where you’re able to unlock a vehicle similar to your own and drive off in it. And the drugs inside? Probably belong to whoever that other guy is. Indeed. surely there are innocent explanations for all of these things.

Or maybe our boy here just isn’t that bright. Who knows?

At around 3 a.m. Thursday, an SDPD sergeant saw a white sedan parked in a handicapped spot in front of the SDPD Traffic Division station on Aero Drive in Serra Mesa.

Inside the car was a man passed out behind the wheel, and the sergeant’s check of the license plate determined that the car was reported stolen.
After waking the man up, officers asked him why he was parked in front of the police station, and police said the man told officers that he was tired, and it seemed like a safe place to rest because there were other police cars present.

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