Clean Up Your Act, You Two

Last Updated on: 10th November 2023, 11:05 am

As a blind person living in a big apartment building, I sort of understand this. Only difference between him and I is that he’s calling just because his clothes were removed and I’d be calling to self-report the beating that I could not guarantee I would be able to refrain from giving to the person who removed them. Or more likely, I’d be calling for help with pulling Carin off of that person. Do not mess with Carin on laundry day! And keep your damn hands off of other people’s laundry, for god’s sake. You’re not that busy.

Officers responded to a 911 call at a residence Sept. 23 and learned that a man had called because his sister had taken his clothes out of the washing machine without his permission.
It was his third load of laundry, and the woman said she took it out because it was taking too long.
The man, 27, wanted to pursue charges against his sister for touching his laundry, but officers advised him that no crime had been committed.
They were both told to work out the matter as adults, since they were living together in their grandmother’s house.

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  1. At least they lived in the same house and could talk to each other, unlike our fellow resident from the other week who moved our shit and then made us have to wait longer. And then had the balls to tell me I was confused the next time. Lol. Yeah I’m not pretty on laundry day. Sorry.

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