This Being A Day Ending In Y, Your Rogers Bill Is About To Go Up

So remember how letting Rogers buy Shaw was going to be great for Canadians, lowering everyone’s bills and absolutely not leading to out of control rate increases? Three guesses how that’s going.

Wireless phone plans will be getting more expensive for some Canadians this year. 
Rogers Communications Inc. will increase the cost of some of its plans in the coming weeks, the company confirmed to CBC News on Wednesday.
Meanwhile, Bell is reportedly increasing some of its existing wireless phone plan prices in February, according to a report by Canadian tech news outlet MobileSyrup. 
The Rogers price hike will impact some customers’ wireless phone plans and internet plans, including customers of its subsidiary Fido, a spokesperson for the telecom giant told CBC News.

While a Rogers spokesperson said many customers will see a price hike under $7, the increases could be as high as $9 per month, depending on the customer’s plan or bundle with their carrier. The hikes apply only to customers who are not on contract.

Customers who have been notified by Rogers will start seeing the new price applied to bills issued after Jan. 17.

It’s not just wireless. Internet and TV rates are going up, too. Based on our most recent bill, those hikes are coming in March. And for us, it means that our already ridiculous bill that we keep getting lowered yet somehow mysteriously keeps creeping back up will be increasing by $21 this year. $4 for internet, $3 for TV and $14 for our two cell phones ($7 each).

Yeah, I know that François-Philippe Champagne said a bunch of tough guy words about non-compliance and whatever, but who cares? Wake me up when he or anyone else in government turns any of that bluster into action. I expect that about as much as I expect a corporate merger to be good for consumers one day. Corporate mergers are almost never good for anyone who doesn’t own the corporation.

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