What Flavour Were they, Kill Pickle?

It sucks that this happened, but on the other hand, a guy shooting a stranger in the face outside of a strip club because he wouldn’t share some potato chips with him is exactly why we have a food feuds tag. And hey, it sounds like the bullet recipient is going to be ok. He even got his own self to the hospital, which is almost assuredly more than I could expect of my own self in a similar situation.

Officers found the 31-year-old with a gunshot wound to the face that was deemed non-life-threatening.
Preliminary investigations show the victim was confronted by an unknown man outside of Lusty’s Adventure in the 40 block of Stanton Avenue, police say.

The victim told police the suspect shot him with a handgun after he refused to give the suspect some potato chips.
Police say the suspect then fled in an unknown vehicle.

This is Lusty’s. It wound up being exactly what the name makes it sound like it’s going to be, but I had to look it up on the off chance that it would be a weirdly named grocery store or something.

Oh, and police did eventually arrest a suspect.

No, Steve. No one needs your “Did they rough him up?” joke. Yes, we know it fits because strip club, but we’ve already made it ourselves. You’re good.

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