The English Language Was Also Killed

Hello, Guelph Mercury? Are you there? Yes, I’m talking to you.

Is everybody there who knows what they’re doing on a long vacation, or does nobody give a shit anymore? I ask because I’m curious as to how garbage likethis makes it through your editing process, if you still have one that is.

I’ll forgive the typos, they happen. But this line here makes you all look seriously low rent.

The Oldsmobile’s driver was charged with careless driving, which was demolished in the collision.

So he’s free to go then? What else could that sentence possibly be trying to tell me? Will nobody be charged with careless driving ever again because the offence was killed in this accident?

Come on guys, you’re just insulting your readers at this point. I’m begging you, do better. We’ve had this conversation too many times lately. It was funny at first, but now it’s really starting to piss me off. At least reading this tripe online doesn’t cost me anything anymore.

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