The Attendees are Deaf and Blind, The presenters Are Dumb

This sounds like a great product, but does anyone see a flaw in its promotion? Greg Stillson Highlights HumanWare’s DeafBlind Communicator That Opens Communication Lines for Deaf-Blind on Tek Talk Monday, February 2, 2009 Most agree that every person should have the opportunity to fully access the world around them and have the freedom to […]

I know He Might Think the Lawyer And The Jury Were Shitheads, But…

Yuck! A long time ago, I read about a dude showing up for court in a suit, tie, and a covering of feces. Now, another dude has slathered his lawyer with his feces and heaved the rest at a juror. Because of that, there’s been a mistrial. I wonder how many of those stunts he’ll […]

He thought He’d Drop In For Lunch

Hmmm. Does this belong in the food-related crimes files? Well I guess it does, but it belongs in a few categories. Alex Cupczinski had a good thing goin’ on. He would break into people’s vacation homes, eat and drink from their fridges and cupboards, take some electronics, and even wear their clothes. Then, he screwed […]

>and Poof! He Looks Even Worse

>Here comes Jim Piculas again. Remember him? Now he’s suing school officials for defaming his good name. I think this lawsuit should be tossed out for the same reason that shallow-water-diving dimwait’s lawsuit should have been heaved. It’s his own damn fault that his name was dragged through the mud! Ok, there was the first […]