We’re Goin’ To the chapel, And We’re Gonna Get Ugly

How is this fair at all? I mean, all 3 of these folks sound like real prizes, but I still think the dude kinda got screwed.

Here’s how it all went down. Warren T. Roberts had the apparent misfortune of meeting and marrying Katherine at the end of 2006. It didn’t work out so well and they separated. Warren started dating another woman, but didn’t tell her he was still married. Yup, I’m not saying he was awesome. Katherine got a hold of his cellphone and, in true snoopy woman fashion that makes me ashamed to have 2 x chromosomes, went through it and found a text message from his new flame. Katherine decided to contact new flame, enlightening her to the fact that Warren has a wife. New flame didn’t like that so much, so the two of them, after looking around the city for him as if he was some kind of lost child, decided to set a trap for him. Katherine texted him and asked him to meet her in some church parking lot so they could talk about their marriage. Warren showed up. Katherine got in the truck and they started to talk, when…new flame arrived! Warren didn’t like this, and told both of them he didn’t want to talk to them. Katherine said she wanted her wedding ring back. he said he didn’t have it, at which point she decided to snoop through his truck looking for it. Hmmm. I can see why the relationship isn’t workin’ so well. She likes to snoop and spy.

At this point, Warren asked her repeatedly to get out of the truck. When she didn’t, he came around to her side and pulled her out. She didn’t get injured, but clawed the everloving hell out of Warren and destroyed his shirt. Clip those nails, Katherine! The police arrived, and since he made the first physical move, *he* was deemed the primary aggressor and was taken to jail.

I guess if they didn’t see the incident from start to finish, they had to take him, but wouldn’t it have been more fair to take them both? I mean, he had marks all over him!

Dude, get a divorce, beware of snoops and don’t lie to new flames. It never ends well.

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