Sue! Sue! Yes I’m Gonna Sue!

Last Updated on: 19th March 2014, 03:21 pm

I don’t quite know why this bugs me, but it does. Here’s a quick rundown of a story I just read in the Guelph Mercury.

Old man gets on bus. Bus goes back into traffic before old man is seated, old man falls, breaks a hip, an arm and gets heavily bruised, old man can no longer live on his own due to his injuries, old man dies six months later from prostate cancer, family is suing city for ruining the last few months of his life and allegedly bringing on his death. They were originally suing to pay for medical expenses, but now that he’s dead, they’re suing anyway! Why? I’m not quite sure.

Ok, I agree that it was unfortunate that he fell on the bus. I agree that maybe the driver should have checked that he was seated before taking off. I agree that it’s sad that he had to go into a nursing home at the end. But it! Was! an! accident! I’ve had them take off before I’m seated. You grab the pole and hang on until you can get yourself into a seat. If I fell because I didn’t make it, I wouldn’t think of suing the city. Shit happens!

Hey family of old man. Let me tell you something. Your dear old papa was…old! He could have broken his hip when he slipped on some ice when he went to check the mail. Don’t believe me? That’s what killed my great grandma. You get old, hips break, and that’s pretty devastating. But that is not worth suing over!

And last time I checked, falls didn’t create prostate cancer. The bus didn’t shoot him full of carcinogens, he died from something he probably already had.

Ug greedy money-grubbing pigs piss me off.

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