>’Scuse Me, ‘Scuse Me! Man with Big Balls Just Wrote A Paper

>Dr. Denis Walsh has a lot of balls telling women how much pain they should or shouldn’t go through when having a baby. I figure until he can pop a baby out of himself, he doesn’t have a right to speak about how much pain a mother should go through. Sure he makes a few good points about moms who have epidurals not being able to do as much during the birthing process and needing more help, but he should watch his step when telling a mom that the pain is a rite of passage. He may learn a lot about pain if he tells the wrong woman that little gem.

This reminds me of a family doctor I used to have. He had no problem telling older people that their pain was just part of getting older and he wouldn’t investigate it. But when he suddenly had his own pain to deal with, then it was a big deal. I think this guy is the same. the sad part is he’ll never go through having a baby, so he will never learn anything that might change his mind.

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