Meep Meep

There’s a horrible word running around schools. It disrupts order and causes trouble. Are you ready for it? No, I really don’t think you can handle it. Are you sure you can handle it? Ok…if you’re sure. The word is meep. Yup meep. What does meep mean? Nobody’s sure. But it’s bad news, and if you say it at Danvers High, it’s trouble for you, junior!

Seriously. Apparently, the principal was so terrified of the word meep because it appeared on facebook, and the kids were going to do some kind of meepathon and destroy the world or something that they made automated calls home saying that anyone who said “meep” would be suspended. I couldn’t do that automated call with a straight face. No way, no how.

What I can’t get is their logic. They say it wasn’t the word, it was the way the word was used. So why ban the word? Why not say “stop being idiots in the halls.” or “yelling out when teachers are talking is disrespectful.” or something. Now, instead of saying “meep”, it’ll be “bloop.” Are we going to have lists of nonsense words that are banned? This is so dumb, it’s hilarious.

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