Gee, Thanks, How Thoughtful

Ya know, I needed ideas of things to get people for Christmas, not things not to get people for christmas. But thanks for the handy dandy list of things to avoid. Can you imagine opening up one of these things on christmas? Just imagine the facial expressions of you and everybody around you. Uh, that’ll be awkward.

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  1. So I’m doing some work around the ‘ol VC when I stumble upon this here post. I read it and had no memory of what it was about. I clicked what you linked to and was greeted by a message saying that the release I requested was removed. Do you (mostly directed at Carin but anyone who’s been around here forever can answer) recall what you were writing about here?

  2. I have no memory of writing this, but a quick search of Weird Universe’s November 2009 archive turned up a reference to a list of 2008 gifts to avoid by Expertclick, which also dead ends. Wonder why they took it down.

    1. That search lead you to the same link that’s in the post I think, so we’re at a lovely dead end. Who doesn’t love a good mystery?

  3. Yeah it did, the link showed up as visited, so yup. And google isn’t being very helpful.

    1. Google isn’t helping me out a whole lot here either. I think this one may be lost to history.

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