Why I Otter…

That would be one hell of a way to start your day. You’re strolling along, taking your morning walk, when…you are attacked by a rabid otter! Seriously? Yup, very seriously. That’s what happened to 96-year-old Morrell Denton.

The otter was sure determined. Two dudes, along with Denton, tried to get it off. One of them even clonked it with a shovel, and even then, it woke up and tried again. A police officer eventually shot it.

Man, check out that 911 call. I know the operators don’t have it easy, but there’s more proof. The first dude couldn’t even give good directions! No wonder the ambulance couldn’t find them. And when she asks how he’s doing, try to say more than “He’s alive.” I did have to chuckle when he said “He’s being bitten by a damn otter!”

And I think Denton got a huge compliment. The more sensible fellow who came on at the end estimated Denton was in his upper 60’s! He is 96! Keep taking those morning walks there dude, they’re keeping you young!

It’s been proven that the otter was rabid, so now Denton and another guy who tried to help him will need anti-rabies shots, plus Denton will need plastic surgery. Scary stuff.

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