I Think This Logic Ship Is Sinking

I should have posted about this yesterday. It would have balanced out that display of imaturity and stupidity at that graduation ceremony quite nicely. Oh well, I’m posting it today.

You know all the talk of Abby Sunderland’s solo trip around the world, and its less than ceremonious end? Well, on the positive side, she is safely aboard a French fishing vessel, and she will come home safe.

But the silly thing I have been hearing on the news is that this disastrous end is proof for some that she was too young to do this alone, and with that, I have to strongly disagree. I think the fact that she is alive and got herself rescued and didn’t panic and die is proof that she is a very capable sailor, and wasn’t too young at all.

Let me put it another way. Steven Callahan was not sailing around the world, but he was sailing from Penzance, England to Antigua, and all by himself. I think we can compare the journeys. His boat got ker smashed, and he spent 76 days adrift in the ocean in a life raft. By a lot of miracles and ingenuity, he survived and was rescued. But the point is, it can happen to anyone. Are the same people saying Sunderland was too young going to say he was too young?

Both of them did what they had to do, and both of them are alive today. Isn’t that really the point?

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