Three Strikes You’re Off To Jail

Tommy Ryser must have gone to the Leonard Scott and Erik Salmons school of don’t stop until you’re completely screwed. Why? Because he committed 3 DUI’s on the same night, and he got caught when he came back to collect the evidence of his first two.

It started when he crashed his truck into a utility pole. Police had not arrived yet, so he drunkenly ran off and got his wife’s car…which he crashed not far from the truck. Not to be deterred, he went home and got his tow truck and came back to tow his other two wrecks back home. Too bad for him, the cops had showed up and were busily investigating both crashes when he pulled up drunk in his tow truck. So, he went to jail charged with 3 counts of DUI.

I’m glad he didn’t tow those two vehicles home. I’m sure he would have crashed into someone else, and this time he would have hurt or killed someone.

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