Slip, Drop And Die

Usually the punishment for burglary isn’t death, but for Donald Zakrzewski, that was the punishment he brought on himself.

The story goes that he broke into a house, and stole some jewellery and electronics. As he was finishing up, the homeowner came home, so he made a break for it. There he was, running through the night, and he decided to climb a giant chain-link fense. What he climbed into was the grounds of a quarry.

He was runnin’ runnin’ runnin’ through the woods, when suddenly, he was freeee, free-fallin’. Our hero ran right off a cliff.

Quarry workers found him in the morning, pockets full of jewellery and a bag of electronics nearby. Yup I’d say that case is closed. But one other item they found nearby was a flashlight. Was he not using it to light his way through the dark? Maybe if he had, he wouldn’t be dead today.

Ya know, this is a terrible thing to say, but looking at his criminal record, I can’t imagine his death being a great loss.

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