How To Be Bad At Criminaling

This is exactly why you’re supposed to study *before* the test and not *during* it!

An unidentified Milwaukee bank robber’s day started out well. He got into the bank, got some cash and started to make his escape. Things went downhill dramatically when he ran into the path of a couple of police officers, but he wasn’t about to let that stop him, at least not until they caught up to him a few blocks away.

While searching him, the cops discovered he was carrying a book that he had either not finished reading or failed to understand. “How To Be A Successful Criminal: The real deal on crime, drugs and easy money”.

For his sake, I hope he stole it.

Maybe he should go back to whatever store sold him that tome and see if they have any copies of “How To Dig My Dumb Ass Out of the Impossible Hole Your Last Book Buried Me In” lying around.

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