Now I Want A Beavertail!

We need to fix something. Steve’s never had a beavertail!

At which point tons of people think I’m actually talking about eating a beaver’s tail. No no no.

There are these fried pastry things that look like a beaver’s tail. Since I grew up near Ottawa, our family would go to Ottawa a lot, and they sell them there, especially during Winterlude. So I’d had lots of them over the years. Some had jam, some had sugar and lemon juice, all of them were really good. Mmm.

Years later, I heard they were in Kingston. So I started to think they were a thing around Ontario.

…Until the day I told Steve that I used to put lemon juice, cinnamon and sugar on pancakes and they tasted just like a beavertail! To which Steve said “A what? What kind of freak are you, eating a beaver’s tail? People do that? And how could a beaver’s tail taste like lemon and sugar?”

After picking my jaw up off the floor that Steve had never had one of these, I told him about them. To this day, he hasn’t had the chance to have a beavertail. Are they sold anywhere else but Ottawa and Kingston? Are they hiding somewhere in the Kitchener-Waterloo area and we just don’t know it?

As an aside, I learned that apparently we have a Winterloo down here. Not a Winterlude, Winterloo! Believe me, this was hard for my brain to get over. No matter how many times the reporter would say “Winterloo”, I’d hear Winterlude. Steve did the same thing, so I’m not alone…and Steve’s never been to Winterlude!

If we ever end up in Ottawa and I get Steve a beavertail, hopefully it won’t be a huge disappointment now that I’ve hyped it up.

While I was writing this post, all I could think of was John Pinette’s bit about smashing into a family to get some fried dough. Definitely don’t want to put John Pinette on skates. Nay Nay! I can’t just get a clip of that, so you’ll have to listen to this whole Just For Laughs show. Aww, what a shame! He’s at the end. Hopefully you don’t want to punch a Kia dealer by the time you get to him though.

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  1. NOOOOOO!! Steve, don’t suffer my fate! I succumbed to the Beavertale hype and have regretted it ever since! They’re sooooo gross!!

  2. Weird! I’ve never had a bad one. Was it in Ottawa? Or somewhere else? Sucks you had a bad one.

  3. I *think* they’re in BC somewhere, unless my memory’s going flop, but they’re by another name. Insofar as Ontario goes, though, I didn’t even know Kingston had them. Ottawa was always *the* place if you were me.

  4. You are legit the first person to ever tell me that beavertails are gross. Everybody on twitter now and forever in my past tells me I need to experience the greatness. What was wrong with the one you had?

  5. Hey Carin! If you guys come visit me, there’s a beaver tail truck downtown and we can finally get Steve one!

    1. I bet you beavertails out of a truck would be amazing because food trucks are generally great. Is it a whole breakfast truck or did somebody gamble on an entire business specializing in nothing but beavertails? Either way I’m curious.

      1. Its a about dem beaver tails. Nothing more, nothing less. My thought is we take y’all to Stone City ales for supper and then we march on up the road a bit and find the beaver tail place for dessert. Nom!

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