Please Stay Out Of The Ball Game

The completely stupid and counterproductive rioting in Baltimore, while not doing anything to make the cops stop fucking killing people for no reason, is resulting in an oddly historic Major League Baseball moment.

for the first time ever at least according to the Baseball Hall of Fame and MLB’s official historian John Thorn, a game will be played in front of a crowd of 0.

A wave of looting and rioting around Camden Yards forced the postponement of the first two games of the series and caused the Baltimore mayor to impose a 10 p.m.-to-5 a.m. curfew. So baseball officials decided the only way to play the finale was to lock the gates to the public and move the starting time up five hours to 2:05 p.m.
“All of the decisions in Baltimore were driven first by the desire to insure the safety of fans, players, umpires and stadium workers,” MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred wrote in an email to The Associated Press. “Only after we were comfortable that those concerns had been addressed did we consider competitive issues and the integrity of the schedule.”

Those other 2 games will be made up during a doubleheader on May 28th, in case you were wondering. This weekend’s Rays Orioles series has also been moved to Tropicana Field, which will be kind of like this afternoon minus the part where you have to close the gates to keep people from showing up.

Speaking of things you were wondering, just what are the lowest attendance figures in history, anyway?

Since 1987, the lowest attendance has been 746 when the White Sox hosted Toronto at Comiskey Park on April 9, 1997, according to STATS. The New York Yankees’ home game against the White Sox on Sept. 22, 1966, had a listed attendance of 413.
Thorn said the smallest crowd for a major league game appears to be six when Worcester hosted Troy in a National League matchup on Sept. 28, 1882.


Oddly I have no memory of the Toronto game in question or the circumstances behind the low turnout, but I’ll bet it being winter in Chicago had something to do with it.

And I can’t help but notice how often the White Sox come up in this conversation. they were 2 of the 3 listed there, and now they’re half of a record that will never be broken. Go team?

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