In Case You Have To Explain Canada Day To An American

I’m still laughing about butter tarts and bagged milk. I’ve had to explain both of those things recently to people and have found them really hard to explain.

Happy Canada Day. I hope you’re staying cool, because holy snappin’ crap it’s hot out there.

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  1. Happy Canada Day to everyone aside from the guy who let off a firecracker outside our building at 20 to six this morning. I kind of hope he blows his hand off, the friggin hump duster.

  2. Also, how much more environmentally friendly is milk in a bag? The bags are plastic, aren’t they? Do they decompose? I should know this as a proud, milk drinking Canadian, but I’ll fully admit my ignorance here.

    1. I don’t know either. Maybe it’s just less garbage to throw out because it’s less bulky than a jug? It appears that if the bag could be recycled, it would be less mass to recycle. But it seems like it’s sort of entered a grey area because if the bag or jug is dirty at all it’s harder to recycle, and…who washes out a milk bag?

      1. Yeah.  I guess maybe they just mean it’s better than jugs or cartons which is likely true, but framing them as a clean alternative seems a bit dubious.  Get it together, comedy video.

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