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Allow me to apologize right now to the Huppy’s mom. She is from South Africa, and will probably not like this post.

Back a bit ago, Huppy and family headed off to South Africa to see the huppy’s mom’s family. When they came back, I came over to hang out with the little guy and his mom. She said “Hey! I even bought one of those horns they’ll play at the world cup! It’s called a vuvuzela! Wanna see it?” I said sure, what the heck. It looked like a long-ish plastic trumpet thing with no keys. She blew it a couple of times, and I thought “Neat!” It seemed no weirder than your average noise-maker. Then I started blowing it, and Trixie was not a fan. She ran in great big circles around me, and then the huppy didn’t like her crazy movements. Trixie, ya know, I think you were on to something. Now, after hearing them at the World Cup, I tend to agree.

Just listen to this mass of blowing vuvuzelas.

When you hear that on TV, they sound like a swarm of bees! Ug, they always creep me out. At first, when I would tune in to the world cup from a distance, I would wonder if they’re having to play amid a hoard of vicious bugs. Now that I know it’s just the vuvuzelas, I don’t think that anymore. But the sound still bugs me.

In my search for a mass of vuvuzelas, I found this neat little video, complete with baby vuvuzela. Duck on speed, or the cries of a terribly ill child. That’s a pretty apt description of the sound it makes.

Incidentally, I hadn’t a clue how to spell the thing, so I typed into google “What’s the name of those South African World Cup horns” and the first result was a wikipedia article on vuvuzelas. Wow, that’s crazy smart.

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