Here, Take My Card. Oh, And My Shween

Lewdness incident at Vineland Public Library leads to arrest

A library patron told officers she was sitting and reading a book on Monday when a man struck up a conversation and gave her a card identifying himself as Darell Jones.
While chatting, the man reportedly moved closer to the woman and exposed himself, prompting her to move away and alert library staff.

I have no plans to whip out my junk at a library, nor do I have my own business cards. But if either of those things was not the case, let me tell you how I would handle things.

Basically there’s only one step. If I’m giving out business cards beforehand, they’re not my business cards. I’m giving the police some work to do while I slip quietly into the wind. Sure there’s a chance that she’ll not be as mesmerized by the view as I hope and will recognize me for more than my best feature, but those are the risks you take in this line of…work?

But that’s clearly not what happened here, as evidenced by the fact that a Darell J. Jones was arrested an charged with two counts of lewdness. One count for the flashing itself, the other because there were allegedly children nearby.

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