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Last Updated on: 19th November 2013, 03:51 pm

I have to say that in general, today I’m pretty happy. I basically put an end to all the work for that class that I couldn’t stand. I have wanted to say that for a while, and the end is finally here!

But I saw something today that, no matter how awesome my mood is and no matter how many times I see it, makes me want to walk up to the people doing it and go, “Guys. You might want to use that bunch of tissue between your ears. Ya know. Your brain.” I bitched about this in one of my columns, but every time I see it, it makes me want to bitch some more.

So let me set the scene for you. I am happily munching on my lunch in the food court-looking part of the main university building. There are others doing the same. Everybody’s minding their own business. Then, out of the general din, we hear a bullhorn. Yes, a god damn megaphone thing. At first, it’s impossible to discern what this dude is trying to broadcast to a bunch of people eating their lunches and getting on with their days. Maybe it’s Mr. Wendy. Who the hell knows?

Then it becomes clear. He’s chanting, “Bush, go home! Bush, go home!”
Bullhorn-toting freak: Where should he go?”
Crowd response (and when I say crowd, I mean 10 people): Home!
Bullhorn-toting freak: When should he go?
Crowd response: Now!

Ok, did I miss something? Did Bush come to our campus? Is he meeting with the president of the university or something for some odd reason? No! He’s in Ottawa!

And here’s where my problem begins. I have no problem with people protesting. I think, if done right, it takes a lot of guts and may do a lot of good. But these so-called political protesters might as well piss into the wind for all the good their protests are going to do. If you want to protest Bush’s presence in Canada, go to where he is and protest. Don’t stand in the food area of some university campus that isn’t even in a capital city I might add and protest. Now all you’re doing is drawing attention to yourself and making yourself look like a fool to anyone with more than a few brain cells to rattle together. Again, if anyone has an intelligent reason why political protests have even a snowball’s chance of success in a university cafeteria, then by all means, enlighten me. I could even see it if it was about a student issue. Then go ahead. You’ve got a bunch of the student body watching, it’s the prime spot. But something about the president of the United States? Yeah, real effective.

I can hear it now. “But these people can’t just take off to Ottawa to protest. They’re in school.” Fine. Then start a letter-writing campaign. That would be far more effective than standing around yelling at people who aren’t even connected to this whole thing.

They didn’t even protest for that long, thank god. Then they went outside and stood beside an old cannon filled with cement. Think about that. They don’t like Bush, probably because of his stance related to war, so they finish their protest beside a big cannon! Wow! Talk about symbolism shooting you in the foot. And talk about showing yourself to be an even bigger idiot. To all those people who want to protest in stupid places, please, do yourselves a favour. Think about other ways to be useful. I’m sure you can find one.

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