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Last Updated on: 7th December 2013, 11:17 am

I don’t get this. Every year when it’s time to spring ahead with the clocks, I hear the classic complaint. “We lose an hour of sleep.” This is what I don’t get. Sure we lose an hour of sleep, for a little while, but what we gain is several hours of light for months! Ever heard the expression short-term pain for long-term gain? And we don’t even lose it on a weekday! For the people who have to work on Sunday, it has to suck a bit, but for the rest of us, what’s the problem? I don’t know, to me, that’s far better than the alternative. Sure we gain an hour of sleep in the fall, but it’s fucking dingy at 5 at night! And I never hear along with it…yeah but we get so much more light. It’s always concern with the sleep. Come on, are we that sleep-deprived? Maybe there’s something I’m missing, or maybe it’s because I really really hate winter, but I’ll take the loss in sleep if I get the warm weather and gain in light any day.

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