Hoaxing The Media With Chef Keith

Have you ever come across one of those cooking segments on TV and either thought quietly to yourself or said aloud “Gross! What the fuck is that supposed to be?” If yes, congratulations. You have an eye more critical than that of producers and hosts employed by at least 5 television news departments.

Nick Prueher, who plays Chef Keith according to the article that goes along with the video, is my hero of the day. Not only did he pull this off without ever cracking up or breaking character, but were he not making smoothies out of ham and pumpkin pie and slipping in references to the influence of GG Allin on his work, you’d swear he was for real.

Listen, everybody. Let this be a lesson to you. Next time you’re watching Dr. Oz or something else equally harmful and some clown is telling you to eat something you’ve never heard of that sorta doesn’t sound right, ask a few questions first.

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