Slime Kettle? Meet Slime Pot. Who’s blacker?

Man, some things just crack me up. Take our friendly neighbourhood hardware store owner Richer Lapointe from near Montreal who thought he’d get himself some glory by apparently uncovering that Carla Homolka has breached some of her release conditions. Ok, first off, he tried to seem noble by writing not 1, not 2, but 22 letters to her lawyer to get her in his store! Hmmm doesn’t that seem a little too determined to just be your average good samaritan? Then, promptly after he gets her in his store, he starts taping her by putting a recording device at the bottom of an empty can of paint. Ok, where did he get that device, and where can I get one? It sounds better than the ones that are planted right in front of people to tape them. Then after he gets this so-called damning evidence, he takes it straight to the media, while saying he’s concerned for people’s safety, etc. Ok, if you’re so concerned, why don’t you take it to, um, ya know, police? People who can actually do something? I think our friend just wanted a little money. The best is apparently he wouldn’t release certain excerpts to CTV news because he says they’re too damning for her. For her? I’d bet money they incriminate our one and only hardware hero.

And it gets better. Our hero doesn’t exactly have a clean nose himself. He’s up on charges of his own for burglary, and, brace yourself, sexual assault. You’re worried about the safety of others? How about keeping yourself in check first?

And now he wants to live in St. Catharines to be closer to the victims’ families. And what about what they want? Or maybe he’s just trying to run away from his own problems. In any case, I don’t think our handyman is going to bring his help closer to their home anytime soon. I guess the courts have said he’s not leaving the province.

But what I love is how this guy tried to make himself look like an angel and it completely backfired. Word to the wise, if you want to out somebody, you better make sure you’re squeaky clean.

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