I Miss The Days Where Rage Equalled Good Posts

Last Updated on: 25th September 2013, 03:40 pm

Good afternoon, class.

So I’m at work, and it sucks. And it’s Monday. And I’m tired. And everything that everyone is doing at any time seems to be pissing me off. When I started this blog in ’03 with Steve – that would have equalled a golden post. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, that no longer seems to be the case. I think, at least today, it’s because I’m just a whiney cranky bitch as opposed to having anything close to a “real” problem to complain about. For example, all day people have been chatting directly behind my desk, using the photo-copier directly behind my desk (which someone began right as I typed that) and just generally making innocent enough small talk than I’m just in no mood to respond to. Hard to make a post out of that. I’m just a bitch.

But, irregardless, I’m going to write. If for no other reason than that I’ll be typing away which should destract me from the irritations around me which doing the midless work that this afternoon has brought me, would not accomplish. Plus, for some reason, if someone sees you typing away at something quickly as opposed to studying your sheet or screen, they seem to pass you by assuming you’re doing something important. Foolish.

The weekend wasn’t bad. I had back to Belleville. The party’s were not as plentiful as advertised, but the group of us that usually chills together had a pretty good time. I wouldn’t quite call it a bust – but certainly not up to par with what I was expecting. Maybe that’s my fault for too high of expectations. Whatever.

Great hockey game Saturday night, Jays lose a series to Detroit and the Argo’s sign a suspended NFL pot-head. I’ll leave the sports at that since there no longer seems to be a large portion of sports fans.

Last night I actually ordered the ECW PPV. First one I’ve paid for since WrestleMania which I get every year. Before that the last one I paid for was probably… the previous ECW PPV and WrestleMania. All in all a pretty decent show which had much more of a “let’s kick off the new brand” feel than a “let’s hit all the old highspots from the past” like last year. Nothing wrong with that. Main Event finish was fairly predictable in that there would be controversy. That’s probably also fine as they couldn’t really afford to make either guy look bad. That should be fixed up tonight. For the third Monday in a row there is a huge hockey game on the same night as RAW so I guess I’ll be missing it, but perhaps some channel surfing if the game is a bore.

Speaking of channel surfing. WWE is doing that frantically right now in Canada trying to find someone to air the new ECW show. TSN has said they have no interest in picking up another live wrestling show as they’re already going to be pre-empting RAw in favour of Monday Night Football in the fall and will probably have to have a Tuesday replay of the show (the night ECW would air). The Score supposedly may have an interest but are fully aware with how much SmackDown! sucks that ECW may out do it in the ratings and so would most likely want to dump SmackDown in exchange for ECW. WWE doesn’t want any part of that scenario either because then they’re still looking for somewhere to air that Dud. So if you’re in Canada don’t bother looking for the ECW show tomorrow night as it doesn’t have a home yet. IF anything changes and you give a shit, I’m sure you’ll hear.

There’s supposed to be a pretty good story on the supposed Toronto Terrorists tonight on Global. Or was it CTV? I don’t remember. If you care to see it you’ll figure it out. Or maybe someone else knows and can chime in with a comment.

Well. I was right. Rage, today anyways, equals Snooze. But I pissed away some time. So the only real loser here is… well… you.

On that note. Fair well.

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