And Now It’s Time For Today’s Story That Makes Steve Seriously Consider Throwing Himself Over His Balcony

Last Updated on: 31st October 2013, 03:54 pm

We, as a people, have now reached the point where we feel it necessary to
cut the smoking scenes out of classic cartoons to prevent children from being exposed to unacceptable negative messages.

If you just read that and either A don’t see a problem with it or B think it’s a good idea, I’d like you to do the following: Stop reading, log off of the internet, walk into your kitchen and stick your head in the oven. You have nothing positive left to offer the world and honestly, we could do with a few million less of you.

I said to Carin the other day that I’m glad that we grew up when we did, because there’s no way we could grow up in this era of rampant retardedness and still become the people we are now. I have no idea where everything went wrong, but I’m convinced that at some point many years ago some kind of mystical forces put their heads together and decided that no matter what it took, they would eventually succeed in their quest to turn each and every one of our children and a sizeable number of adults for that matter into non-thinking, non-questioning, inactive piles of fucking idiot flavoured Jello Pudding who would be more than happy to swallow anything they tell them to swallow with no concern about how bad it might taste or how hard it might be to keep down. That has to be what’s going on here. Why else would we be changing history to make it more “suitable” for students, or worse yet, not teaching history at all? Why else would we stop requiring students to read classic novels because we don’t want them running across words or ideas that we don’t like anymore? And why else would we remove all of the fun stuff from playgrounds and ban activities like tag or even running around fast so that the kids don’t get hurt? It’s because people with knowledge and imagination can think for themselves, and that makes them a lot harder to control.

I’m sure that to some of you I probably seem like a total nutcase right now, and that’s fine. But before you write me off, do me one small favour. Look around. I mean really look around. Read the news. Read the archives here. Spend some time talking to some kids and teenagers. Listen to some community radio. Spend some time in a city, preferably a university town, and listen to the conversations that other people are having. Better yet, try to have a few conversations with some people yourself. If you can do all of that and you’re still convinced that the world’s future is A ok, fine, we’ll have to agree to disagree I guess. But more likely than not, you’ll come to find out that something is horribly, horribly wrong with the world and that some how, some way, we need to do something. what exactly that something is I’m not entirely certain, but it sure as hell doesn’t involve letting those bastards mess with Tom and Jerry.

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