Wow! Ontario’s Coming to its Senses!

Last Updated on: 4th December 2013, 09:55 am

Remember the story about identity thieves selling a person’s house right out from under the real owner? Well, finally a law is getting written to help with that. Apparently, duh, they’ve finally realized that maybe if a purchase is deemed fraudulent, maybe measures should be taken to reverse it so the real owner can have back what he never sold in the first place, and the account in the name of the fake can be revoked. What a concept! Plus, if this law goes through, they’re planning to stiffen fines. I can’t believe that, as of now, the fine for title fraud is only $1000. For what they’ve done, you can’t even call that a disinsentive! Not even a real slap on the wrist! What the hel is that?

They’re also intervening in some cases, what makes those cases worthy of intervention I don’t know. I hope the case I wrote about is one of them. The poor old guy doesn’t need to do this all on his own.

I wonder how some people get high positions of power when they don’t seem to have functioning brains. Peter Kormos of the NDP says this law isn’t enough because it doesn’t prevent forged documents from getting into the title registry. Um, laws don’t prevent forged documents from getting in, diligent officials prevent forged documents from *getting* into the registry, and victims who speak up prevent forged documents from *staying* in the registry. You can’t write that into a law. Even I know that! Wanna know something extra scary? That guy used to be the NDP’s disability critic! Weren’t we in good hands?

So the moral of the story is there is hope! Let’s hope this law goes through and is strong enough!

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