Dingo was Its Name Oh?

Last Updated on: 11th November 2013, 10:44 am

Um. Yeah. People in Australia really want us to stop saying, “Perhaps the Dingo Got your Baby.” Now they’re training them to be guide dogs!

Yep, I’m serious. Ok, first we got guide horses, and now we have guide dingos! Are we really running out of dog breeds? I mean, I understand looking for new things that work, but this is a fucking dingo! They like to hunt and are still very wild. I think they look like a wolf since they’re a sub-species of a wolf. You need a special permit to even own them as a pet! So do you really think they’re going to calm down enough to guide? I understand they’re very smart and they bond very strongly with the owner, but they’re…a dingo! It even said in the story that this guy’s guide dingo was getting old, so he wanted to get a new one, but the old one didn’t take kindly to getting the new pup, so he’s going to have to wait until she dies before he can get a new pup. Ok, now the dog is ruling the guy. Is that a good idea?

What animal is going to be guiding next. Are we going to have guide coyotes? Maybe I’m just too tradditional. But I still can’t get over the fact that…it’s a dingo!

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