A Few Ways to Be a Little More Helpful

Last Updated on: 31st March 2014, 01:09 pm

To everybody who posts apartment listings: when choosing between whether to mention how much the damn thing costs or to gush about the apartment’s view, you might want to choose to mention the rent. If you do mention the monthly rent, please tell me if it’s inclusive or not. I know you’re thinking you’ll get more calls if you heighten the element of mystery, but I’d rather call about something I can afford for sure than call, find out the utilities are not included, and have to hang up disappointed. This bugged me when I was doing my own apartment hunt, and now that I’m helping a friend, it’s bugging me again!

To the people who share the computer at the place where I answer phones: How hard is it to lower the system volume by using the, um, system volume control? I mean, we made an icon appear right in front of your eyes for that purpose. Does it make you feel like a computer genius to lower the volume by playing with the extremely hard to adjust embedded speakers, even though there are specific instructions taped to the computer telling you not to do that? If it does, why don’t you show your skills of genius and come over here and fix it so I can actually use the system when I’m on shift? Or would you prefer to type up my reports and be my personal internet surfer, because thanks to your cute little adjustments of the volume, I can’t use the damn computer! Thank you.

And finally, to people who I ask for help finding places: When I ask you a specific question about where a certain door leads, if you don’t know, say “I don’t know!” How hard is that? Saying “yes” when it doesn’t lead where I ask will only frustrate both of us, especially when I ask the same question 3 times, you insist it does, and then woops, it doesn’t! I appreciate the help, but sometimes it’s like talking to a wall.

Ok, I think my bitch session is over. I’ll go away now.

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