I’m Not A Doctor, But I’ve Been Trained By A Few

Last Updated on: 23rd October 2014, 10:39 am

In my life, I’ve seen plenty of stupid. I’ve also experienced plenty of really stupid, fucking stupid and even a pretty fair dose of mind-blowingly fucking stupid. But never before have I seen something the likes of what I can only call
penis cream stupid.

The story goes like this. A school teacher allowed a random man to attempt over a 9 month period to cure a rash she developed by get this, repeatedly applying an ointment to her using the end of his penis. Why would somebody allow a random man to do this you ask. Well, apparently the random man had talked to a random gynaecologist friend of his who told him that a certain cream administered to the vagina via wang tip at different speeds and for different lengths of time would be just what the doctor ordered. I should also note that this random man would never give up the name of the random gynaecologist when asked, though this didn’t seem to ring any alarm bells or anything.

But wait, there’s more! The teacher also claims that she had to fork over thousands of dollars to pay for the cream, and a
later article
reporting that the case had been thrown out of court also mentioned that her mother didn’t figure this out either and had helped pay for the treatments as well.

It wasn’t made clear why the case was dismissed, but to me, one thing is for certain. Based on what I’ve seen here, this woman should not be teaching anybody anything. If she’s telling the truth, it means that the clinically brain-dead are helping to shape the futures of our children. If she’s not, it still means that the clinically brain-dead are helping to shape the futures of our children. she’s either dumb enough to pay for 9 months worth of rape or she thinks that the rest of us are dumb enough to think she did, which should, in a sane world, elicit the same reaction either way.

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