Crack Open A Cold One

Last Updated on: 24th April 2014, 06:57 pm

Two South African men have been arrested after
stealing a hearse complete with corpse and using it to go on a pub crawl.

The men, who were not named, were reportedly busted when the vehicle ran out of gas and they tried to get 3 women they had met at a bar to help them push it.

The hearse’s driver Siphiwo Mkhize said that it was stolen from his driveway where he had parked it for just a moment while he ran inside to get money for fuel.

John Dlomo, showing off some brilliant deductive reasoning skills that I’m sure served him well in detective school, stated that the 2 men appeared to be drunk when they were brought in.

I share this story for 2 reasons. Reason number one is that I found it funny, and reason number 2 is that I hope it makes anybody spending today recovering from some long weekend partying feel like a bit less of a loser for anything stupid they may have done over the last few days.

You’re welcome.

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