It’s a Dangerous School, But Not In The Way You’d Think

Last Updated on: 23rd April 2015, 08:33 am

Wow. You know your school sucks when this shit starts happening.

Apparently, Jamaica High School has such a bad record, being called a dangerous school, that staff were sent a memmo instructing them not to call 911. It stated that only the principal or assistant principal were allowed to do this. Fifteen days later, fourteen-year-old Mariya Fatima took a stroke and no help was called for 94 minutes!

Nope, your brain isn’t having a meltdown. That is the correct number. Everybody knows that if someone is having a stroke, you don’t screw around. hell, if someone passes out for no apparent reason, you don’t screw around. You get them help, policies be damned.

Now she has no use of one hand and one leg, had to relearn how to speak, has to receive home instruction, and is reading at a fifth-grade level. The genius who wrote the memmo, as well as his higher up have since transferred schools, no shit. Great job, fellas. Instead of having to worry about high crime stats, you can leave the school to worry about lawsuits, and it sounds like one is coming.

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