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Last Updated on: 26th July 2021, 06:15 am

Yes I’m stealing something from Steve, but I figured it was the only way this would work. I’ve had a lot of things make me wonder why, so here they are in no particular order.

Why is it that the people in a lot of pet stores can’t even manage to have basic social skills? I mean, it’s worse than Radio Shack! It’s like they hope to hell that you just come in, buy fish food, pay for it and promptly piss off so they can be alone with the fish tanks and birds and other strange creatures that inhabit their store. Maybe it’s me, but I thought anyone who works in a store filled with animal smells, animal things and animals would be a pet enthusiast and want to answer questions. Nope. Getting words out of them is like pulling teeth. I almost expect it at Radio Shack, because a lot of the people who know a lot about computers are super geeks and don’t much like talking. But maybe it’s a misconception, but I thought people who were into animals were a little more outgoing. I’ve managed to find at least 3 pet stores where they either don’t even acknowledge my presence until I ask them if they work there, or when I ask them if they have something, all I get back is “nope.” After a long pause, I mention they used to carry it. Their response? “Did we?” Pause. Yep. I ask if they’re sure they don’t have it. “Let me check.” the guy grumbles and slowly goes to the back. “Oh. Yep. Here.” Beep beep beep goes the cash register before I can ask how much it is, or whether or not they have something else I’m looking for. Once, I called the store wanting to order something, and when I called back to see if it was in, all he said was “I haven’t come across it yet.” What the hell? Haven’t come across it? When I called again, and he called me back because my number was on his call display, he couldn’t even manage to say “I’m calling because your number was on my call display.” all he could manage was a flustered “Hello!” as if I’d just crawled out of a closet and scared him.

I’ve finally found a pet store that is the exception to the rule and the people are nice and know what they’re talking about. But I think that whole thing is just weird.

Why is it that people feel compelled to bring their pets to the laundry room with them? I don’t even bring Trix there. I figure I’m already wrestling with a laundry basket and soap, and I don’t bring my cane, why would I bring the dog? So why in holy hell would you shepherd your potentially unruly schitzu or cat into the laundry room where they can get into all kinds of trouble? Can you not be without your pet for a few minutes while you throw in the wash?

Why is it that on whatever mailing list you join, there is going to be someone there who will answer *every* message, even if they either have nothing to say, or there is nothing to say in response? someone could proclaim that they like soup, and annoying lister would write back with”I’m glad you like soup.” That’s it, that’s all. Just their agreement with someone’s liking of soup, and their name. Or, someone would ask a question, and annoying lister would respond with “I really don’t know. That’s a good question. I’m interested in the replies.” Then why don’t you do what a normal person would do and sit back and *watch* the responses. Ug. I swear some people have nothing better to do than answer every message that crosses their path. Do they answer spam? I can see it now.
“Dear Mohammed T. Clark:

Being a woman, I have never thought about having a bigger penis. But I’m sure someone has. What an interesting proposition. Good luck with all your endeavours.”

signed, Annoying Lister.”

Why is it that someone thought it was a good idea to have a channel specifically designed for doctor’s office waiting rooms? It is filled with news bulletins about all the scariest things about the medical system, medical conditions they feel we should know about, and informative tidbits about unpleasant things like hemeroids. And why is it that my doctors’ office thinks it’s a fine idea? The last thing I want to watch while I wait to see the doctor is a bunch of stuff to make me worry. I’m sure every man in the room did not appreciate the Australian man who sounded a lot like the crocodile hunter telling him all about prostate cancer. I couldn’t help but giggle as I pictured Steve Irwin, if he were alive, exclaiming that he was going to go in there and pull it out, but ya gotta be careful…and so on. Yes, I’m sick and twisted. But seriously. When did magazines, music, and maybe a TV show go out of fashion in favour of this nonstop barrage of medical bad news?

This is less of a why is it and more of a what do you do if, but here we go. What do you do if you’re in an elevator and the power goes out? The alarm won’t do you any good, will it? I’m just picturing someone slamming on the button wondering why the bell won’t ring. I guess the why is it part comes when I say why is it that every elevator doesn’t have a phone with a direct line somewhere in it? I don’t know why things like that cross my mind. I guess it’s because of a story mom told me when she got stuck in an elevator once. It was at school, and she was with some of her students. The elevator got stuck between floors, and for some silly reason, she didn’t want to ring the alarm because it was exam time. So, she saw the phone. Thinking that it just went to the office, she picked it up…and quickly learned that it went to the fire department. I think that was the most excitement they had all day. It’s too bad that, before they had arrived, the janitor had found her and got the elevator working again. But it made me wonder why all elevators don’t have something like that. If a little high school can do it, why can’t everybody?

And I guess that’s it. Hope it was kind of fun.

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