A Few Doggy Tidbits

Last Updated on: 14th March 2014, 10:02 am

I have been thinking about a couple of really weird things that people have said to me since I got Trixie that make me shake my head.

This one was said to me way back when I first had her home, and I’ve been meaning to write it down and keep forgetting. There were a lot of trucks where I used to take Trixie to relieve. So, being all new and not sure what to do, I decided to go catch the bus and when I got to my appointment, find a place for her to go there. I got there, and I think this is how I asked the question: “I need to find a place for Trixie to go pee. Could you show me to an alley or something?”

“Oh! We can find much better than an alley!” the woman chirped, and started escorting us somewhere. I started to figure out that this was a bathroom. I said again that this was for the dog. “Oh! The dog! Oh ok! Let’s go outside then!” she said, changing direction.

Ok, I have to assume from that response that she somehow completely didn’t hear the dog part, and thought *I* wanted to pee in an alley! That’s the only conclusion I can reach. What a weirdo she must have thought I was, And what an incredible amount of restraint she showed to not say “Why do you want to pee in an alley?” At the very least, I would have thought, if she was confused, she would have paused, thought about it, realized I must have meant the dog, or tried to make sure she heard me right. Nope, she just thought I wanted to pee in an alley and that didn’t phase her. Very odd.

I’ve had this second thing happen to me twice now. People have said they didn’t see the dog there. I can understand it when Trixie is lying at my feet or squished for the most part under a bus seat. But I have walked up to someone, Trixie has started misbehaving and sniffing them, and then the person will say, “Oh! I didn’t see the dog there!” Once, someone came out from behind a desk to help me get to a seat, and then was startled by the dog. How is it that most people can’t help but see a dog if it is there, and then some don’t see Trixie at all? Definitely weird.

And that’s it for this one. I know it was small, but these two things were so weird that I felt like they needed a post just for them.

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