U R 2 St00pid 2 Post Here.

Last Updated on: 11th November 2022, 11:30 am

We’ve pissed and moaned about stupidity on the internet, especially lete-speak. Well, someone agrees with us, and has decided to design a stupidity filter. It will even flash a message back to the apparent moron, telling him his message was more or less unintelligible and to try again.

But Gabriel Ortiz and his team have their work cut out for them, since sometimes, what may look stupid to a computer is actually someone being funny. Plus, they say that their program is more complex than a spam filter, and we all know that spam filters are far from perfect. I’ve deleted spam from my inbox, and fished legitimate mail out of the junk pile. So, imagine how many mistakes this thing has the potential to make. I think that along with the people making fun of something, people who aren’t native speakers of English could get very, very mad after being told their English sucks when it might only be off by a bit.

They’re working on fixing that, looking for patterns in moronic writing. I think everyone should go and help them grade the pool of dumb comments they have gathered so they can make this thing better. Sweet! Someone’s cleaning up the internet! Hopefully the day never comes when I get told that something I wrote was unintelligible. If we had it, I wonder how many times it would have shat on some of Nicks’ gems. Ah, maybe stupidity on the net can still be entertaining.

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