Remembrance Day Forgetfulness

Last Updated on: 21st March 2014, 07:21 pm

I was watching the news last night, and a story came on that doesn’t even need the time of day. But, it’s the local news, where coverage of snow blowing around in open areas is considered important, and it being another scorcher out there gets top priority, so I guess it’s slim pickin’s. Anyway, the story was that some people were pissed off because they forgot yesterday was a holiday because Remembrance Day fell on the weekend. The best was the man who said, “I knew it was a holiday, but thought they might be open.” Are you stupid? Either it’s a holiday, or it’s not. If it’s a government holiday, and you’re pounding on the door of a government building, you’re shit outa luck. Go home, or back to work, or something.

All I can think is this is news? Anyone who has lived longer than 17 years has for sure seen at least two cycles of when Remembrance day falls, and knows that when it’s on Saturday or Sunday, the Monday after is a holiday. It does not warrant some reporter running around tracking down nitwits staring at locked government buildings with a look of shock and dismay plastering their faces. Everybody forgets every now and then that a certain Monday will end up being a holiday. But they walk up to the door, go “ah shit! I forgot they’re closed today!” Then they go about their business. It’s not a goddamn tragedy that needs to be on the news.

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