Ya Better Watch Out, Ya Better Not..Ask Santa If He Wants Pizza

Last Updated on: 22nd September 2013, 06:19 am

I know this is old news, but I’m behind, and it’s still funny and creapy.

Apparently, Microsoft created a Windows Live ID for Santa that people can add and it asks them what they want for Christmas and such. Supposedly, it is a bot. But it’s a bot with a very dirty mind, as a UK man and his two nieces found out in a certain conversation. All They did was offer it some pizza, and it went off about oral sex! Then it called someone at the Register a dirty bastard, and then everything went to hell for the Santa bot. But before Microsoft killed Santa’s account, it told someone that they didn’t need drugs when they were high on life if they asked for cake, and if anyone called Santa a dirty bastard, it wished everyone a merry Christmas, especially those in the UK, which is where the Register is from. Interesting.

But the final straw was what the PR folk at Microsoft tried to do to explain away Santa’s naughty mouth. In the worst attempt at damage control, they blamed the first kids who got unexpected oral sex chat. They said the kids goaded it into saying dirty things. Ok? In what world does asking Santa if he wants some pizza constitute talking about oral sex? Maybe in the world of Anthony Azzapardi, the old man who tried to say a five-year-old girl sexually assaulted *him*, that flies, but not in this one. At least I hope not.

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