Who Needs Taste When You’ve Got Dirty Slogans On Your Kids’ Panties?

Last Updated on: 22nd September 2013, 06:17 am

This next story about panties definitely beats the Chinese takeout panties from years gone by. I’m really wishing Steve had mentioned what department store he was in when he saw those, because that could have been important now.

Anyway, we have a new story. Wal-Mart was selling panties that said “Who needs a credit card” on the front and “when you’ve got Santa” on the rear, and these were for kids. Rightfully, this made some parents upset, and Wal-Mart removed the panties. I was going to say pulled the panties, but that sounded wrong.

Who the hell would buy those for their kids. I’d still love to know how the Chinese takeout undies are selling now.

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