Eight Drunks In The Car, And The Officer Said, "Pull Over!"

The first entry in this little news briefs thingy is what I’m interested in.

I’ll try to tell the story as best I can without breaking out into barrages of “you idiots!” Eight numbskulls didn’t want to pay a cab fare. Many of them had been sucking back the booze. Luckily, the driver *was* sober. But the drunken passengers convinced her that 8 people *could* fit in a Ford Focus. Do you know how many a Ford Focus seats? Five! So, 3 people piled in the front and 4 in the back. Hmmm…that only adds up to 7. Where was no. 8? Why, in the trunk, of course!

The inevitable happened, and the carfull of nimrods was stopped. While police were talking to the folks in the front and back, they started hearing knocking from the drunk in the trunk! All of this resulted in one hell of a lot of fines, and the driver losing her car for a week.

If these people had called cabs, they might have paid 30 bucks, that’s like a little over 3 bucks a person. Now, some of them have to pay 2 grand. What an economical choice that was. But I guess they should be thankful that their little ride didn’t end in tragedy.

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