Dude, Where’s Our Building?

Last Updated on: 26th October 2021, 02:50 pm

This story sounds like it was written just for us. Not only is it heavy on irony, but the ridiculous theft element is also in full effect.

The Austrian village of Traismauer has a crime problem. Solution? Build a new youth centre and use it to get local youngsters involved in productive and positive activities.

So far, so good.

Rather than do the construction themselves, village officials opted to have a prefab building trucked in from elsewhere and then bring in workers to put it together.

A government thinking of cost. this sounds great!

Unfortunately, the several boxes containing the building were stolen before assembly could begin.


But wait, there’s more!

Even though it’s all speculation right now, police say they have reason to suspect that the people responsible for the heist could quite likely be some of the very same local youngsters from earlier, you know, the ones who were supposed to be engaging in productive and fun activities.

the investigation continues.

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