So I Guess They Didn’t Make The Sale Then?

Last Updated on: 28th February 2013, 08:20 am

Marcel Perot is a smooth operator. He decided to take a truck for a test drive. The salesman came with him, as he drove to the bank. He said he needed money to buy the truck. Well, I guess he did. But when he went in the bank, he decided to get his money by robbing it. Then he came back out, got in the truck and went to another gas station, I guess to rob it too. The salesman then got suspicious and called 911. Perot caught on, and took off. But I don’t think he’ll be hard to catch. Check out this description.

He has brown hair and brown eyes and several tattoos including a unicorn on his right shoulder, a dragon and panther on his left shoulder, and a serpent on his upper right arm.

Gee, ya think those tattoos were a good idea now?

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