How About Doing Some Actual Research?

Last Updated on: 29th March 2017, 02:58 pm

Wow. Here’s further evidence that important folks in the U.S. legal system don’t understand the series of tubes that is the internet. The department of Homeland Security and the Board of Immigration Appeals used Wikipedia, a site edited by anyone with a computer, to decide that someone’s request for asylum should be denied. Finally, thank god, the U.S. court of appeals said no no no! Wikipedia isn’t good enough!

Don’t get me wrong, Wikipedia can be a handy thing. But everybody knows it’s less than reliable. They try to have enough citations, etc. but there are still glaring errors all over the thing. It should never, ever, ever, be used to make serious decisions.

What’s wrong with these government bodies that they can’t look stuff up in their own libraries? Were they just too lazy and thought a wiki would be good enough? Good god.

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