Apologies, Elections, Wrestling And A Crazy Cake Lady. What More Could You Ask For?

Last Updated on: 21st March 2014, 06:51 am

Sorry it’s been such a slow week around here. Between Carin getting ready to go on her trip, me having some truly horrible nights of sleep and I think fighting off some kind of cold, and Matt being away at a gay bathhouse convention, the poor Comet has kind of been getting neglected. I’ve been keeping up with the events of the world, but I haven’t had the time/energy/inspiration to write much of anything down until now.

I’m glad to see that Elizabeth May is going to be involved in the leader’s debate. the Greens are a truly national party unlike the Bloc Québécois and even the Reform Party in the beginning, and it’s absurd that she had to threaten legal action to finally get invited. I also find it ridiculous that the Conservatives, the NDP and even the Bloc who shouldn’t be there to begin with threatened to boycott the event if she was included. If the networks had any backbone they’d have told all of them to put their money where their mouths were and went ahead and let Elizabeth May make policy statements for a couple of hours. If push were to come to shove, there’s no way that any of those tough talking blowhards would have passed up the chance to appear in front of millions of potential voters, and I guarantee you that none of them have the nerve to risk the PR disaster that would result from doing so for such a stupid reason. I’ve lost much of what little respect I had for everybody involved in this, and that includes the NDP who I’ll probably wind up voting for this year. Actually, this, combined with the complete lack of decent party leaders, might be enough to get me to vote Green for the first time ever. Nice job, idiots.

On the wrestling front, if you didn’t see Unforgiven and are considering buying a replay, don’t bother. If you must see it, go download it for free and spend the $40 on a case of beer and some snakcs so you’ll at least have something to enjoy. It was far from the worst show I’ve ever seen (that’s why TNA exists), but it was nothing I’d ever need to watch again. Michaels and Jericho is the only thing that’s remotely must see. I was curious to see how the Scramble matches would go, and while I didn’t hate them, if that concept winds up being a one and done that’s ok by me. Speaking of the Scrambles, thank God for Triple H. For a few minutes during the Smackdown match it looked like Brian Kendrick might be looking to have a good night and possibly even get himself over a little bit. Good thing he was there to squash him repeatedly to make sure that didn’t happen. I mean lord knows we don’t need somebody trying to make himself a star. Think of the trouble that would cause and the ratings points that would be lost if people were forced to watch believeable characters. Triple H is truly a hero, a man above all men for preventing our collective suffering with his selfless actions.

Not much else to say right now, but I’ll hopefully try to get things back to some kind of normal here today. In the meantime, here’s another bakery story from Steve’s little brother.

It’s too bad I missed this.

On Saturday after I left the bakery, some lady came in with a cake she had bought the week before. She said that we had spelled congratulations wrong, which is highly possible. The boss said he could fix it for her if she wanted, but she wanted her money back…pretty badly. She started screaming about how she had ordered it in advance and it should be perfect. Then she started in on how it wasn’t pretty enough to be a wedding cake. Umm, if you wanted a wedding cake, you should’ve ordered one. What does she expect for $20? Obviously not what she got. You would think that a 2.5 foot square cake decorated with all different colours and some hideous candy flours would be enough, but it wasn’t. And as she stood there, yelling louder and louder and still coming up with faults with the cake, customers were leaving the store, just dropping what they were going to buy and heading for the hills…who can blame them? Then, to top it off, she started yelling at some random guy who was there to pick up something he had ordered. Apparently she thought he was the boss. Maybe he was, but not of that bakery. We’ll probably never see him again either.

Finally, after asking her to leave about 10 times, the boss called the police, and she was escorted out of there by 3 of Brantford’s finest. No word on whether the wedding was a success, but, she did keep the defective cake.

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