T Is For Tickle, That’s Good Enough For Me…To Be Thrown Out Of The Park

Last Updated on: 1st November 2013, 10:22 am

Lawyer Charles R. Douglas was ordered by a judge last week to stay away from a local park. Seems that the 58-year-old attorney has a thing for walking up to people he doesn’t know and asking if they would mind him performing his tickle monster routine on their children. Not surprisingly, a few people minded and quickly set about reporting him to the local constabulary.

“Now Steve” I hear you say, “where exactly is this deviant plying his trade? I need to know in case he has no respect for the law. he is a lawyer after all.” A fair question and a valid point dear reader, and the answer to your question is more the reason why you’re finding this story on the Vomit Comet than is the silliness of his explanation. The tickle monster, who had to on some level have wanted to get caught, had been roaming aroundMiner Park.One letter off I know, but still, you can’t deny how great that is.

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