New Facebook Means End of Humanity

Last Updated on: 25th February 2014, 06:17 pm

Okay. So maybe that’s an exaduration – but just barely. At least if you read half the world’s Facebook Status’ on the site. Over the last week or two and even before that I’ve seen people complaining about the new look and style of Facebook. Up until today, you had the choice of keeping the old layout but today I awoke to find I’d been switched over.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t care for the new layout. I’m not sure why, really. Maybe it’s just because it’s different and takes some getting used to. Facebook has changed before and I remember not being a fan of the change over, then, either so maybe I’m just a creature of habbit.

I definitely don’t like the new layout of individual profiles. Shit’s all mashed together now. Before it was very organized. You had your News Feed, Your Wall, Your person info crap and then whatever 4,000 applications you decided to clutter your page and slow down load times for your friends with. Now it’s just one big clump of unorganized crap.

But that’s it. That’s the extent of my annoyance. It’s just another webiste I visit on my daily internet rounds and if it bothers me that much – I’ll simply sop using it. It seems to be the end of some people’s worlds. Sure, I use it as a way to keep in touch with some friends but should I get that fed up with Facebook I still have e-mail, MSN, phone, text, homing pigeon or, heaven forbid, an ACTUAL conversation.

I’ll let you in on the part I don’t understand. And maybe I’m just missing something. But I’ve heard many, MANY people say that this new Facebook is a stalker’s paradise. I don’t see it. I mean Facebook and social networking sites already have that risk built in to them but I don’t think I totally understand why this newer version makes it easier for someone to stalk me. Basically, all the same information you had in the old Facebook is still on this one, simply in a re-arranged template. If anyone could cxplain to me why I’m hearing this so much i’d really appreciate it. I don’t say that to demean or dismiss anyone’s arguement or dislike for the new look – I just literally and honestly don’t see that particularly side of it. And believe me, I wouldn’t mind having another reason to not like Facebook. It’s wasting a lot of my time.

Back to Facebook I go.

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