Oh Rats!

Last Updated on: 11th December 2015, 03:55 pm

Attention fans ofThe Darwin Awards.Watch for the name David Stanifer. I have a feeling you’ll be seeing it one day if this is any indication.

Flaming Pet Rat Starts Fire, Damages Titusville Home

The quick and dirty of the story is that this guy and a couple of buddies were having some fun chasing their pet rat Amelia Earhart around the garage. They didn’t want to lose her so they tied some rope and bells to her. for some reason, twine needed to be cut, scissors were unavailable and lighters were employed. Fires were started shortly thereafter when the rat, understandably freaked out, started running around and igniting things. Damage to the house is estimated at $30000, while damage to the rat is estimated at $0.

“I had a few beers before it happened,” said Stanifer.

“You don’t say,” said Steve.

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