I Guess The Police Get An A+ too.

Last Updated on: 24th October 2020, 05:01 pm

This kid is very, very, very lucky. He lives in Israel, and decided he wanted to test the police’s reactions to someone who appeared to be a terrorist. So, um, he dressed up like one, complete with mask and large bag, ya know, like what might hold a bomb, and started walkin’ near a mall. Kid, you’re in Israel. Civilians may react before police do, by shooting the terrorist on sight. He was very lucky police found him first, and discovered he was doing this to get an A+ on a school project. They didn’t even charge him with anything, which surprises me a bit.

I think this makes him dumber than Mark Sokolov. This kid actually lives in Israel, so should know what could happen! that’s too much risk for an A+.

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