That Was Dumb!

Last Updated on: 29th March 2022, 04:50 pm

Blame this one on Holly Alonzo, producer of that pile of cow pucky as Ann so aptly called it.

Apparently, she found a horrible song, a song that makes me sad that Hank Williams Junior produced it. It appears that he did, which sucks, since I just watched a biography of him and he seemed pretty cool. But then he went and unleashed this horrid pile of something worse than cow pucky on us.

Hank, why did you have to take an awesome song and turn it into…that? First of all, there are so many claims in there that are just wrong. Second, can I slap you repeatedly for the following line?

“How can she be so smart and savvy
such a hey good-lookin’ dish?”

Hell, can every woman just line up and wack you again and again and again?

Good lord. No, just…no. It was a good song. why’d he have to go kill it?

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